About Us

Master Realtors Africa Network Limited Corporate

Dream Makers

Africa’s number 1, leading Real estate network marketing company

Real Estate has proven to be one of the most profitable, dependable and secure invest known to man The Real Estate industry has been flood by many and getting a reliable Realtor company to deliver on your invested is becoming more difficult by the day.

Master Realtor Africa Network Limited is an incorporated company in integrate high level technology-driven innovation marketing solutions for Real Estate market, we are specialist expertise in market strategy to help Real Estate developers and investors grow their business.

We’re dedicated to offering the highest standard of real estate consultancy primarily in Nigeria. this is evident not only from the quality of service we provide but also the systematic and professional means in which they are delivered.

We’re here to take away the burden, fears and uncertainties tied to investing in the real estate sector. We provide real estate services to categories of clients; individuals or corporate bodies. Our work process is precise and transparent from start to finish. We guarantee premium properties at fast rising locations with all required documents and approvals duly provided.

Our Mission

Help as many as possible connect with the right property through our marketing and networking services.

All branches of Master Realtors Africa Network Limited have this same goal, because owning real estate provides security, safety and opportunity for individuals. The technology we build helps real estate agents become more efficient at their job and find more customers to deliver on that mission. 

Our Vision

Africa’s number 1, leading Real estate network marketing company. Win, Make, Give, and Do Good.


We want to win at what we do, and we do all we can to help our customers, agents and employees build wealth. We love to work with people who are passionate about working hard and also giving back to their communities in a big way.

Our Values


Our values are what everyone who works at Master Realtors Africa Network Limited strives for each day, and they are applicable to any partners we work with. These values are also the metric we use to decide to invest or get in business with others. We believe our team’s success is determined by our ability to maintain our HEALTH, which is defined by our core values:
Hard work
Extraordinary results
Accountable in all things
Leaders only
We redefined the traditional model by building specialized departments ready to give clients unparalleled expertise and a positive experience.


The rapid decline in the value of the Naira coupled with the rise in inflation makes saving money a non profitable decision. We through investment in the Real Estate sector seeks to offset the some loss in other ventures by the high profits made from investing in the Real Estate sector. Simply say we seek to cover for your losses in other areas by the profits you make from your real estate investments.

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