Since Uyo is the tourism capital of akwa ibom state

 The following are some of the advantage they should be considered by those who wish to invested in landed properties within and around Uyo, namely: availability of land mass, affordable priced properties, appreciating assets and returns on investments, affordable properties and lands for investment, guarantee enjoyment of every value for your homes, easy payment plans for clients, outstanding customer relations and access to government sponsored schemes as well as huge market values.

Land is a tangible asset. A property deed which you  can touch, feel and physically secure. Rental properties and vacant land are available at affordable prices throughout uyo akwa ibom state, you can own your piece of land in uyo akwa ibom state

One Acre of Land In Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Ukana Ikot Ntuen (Ntuen Clan land). 🗺 Property Address: 🗺 Ukana Ikot Ntuen Uyo. 📍Uyo Is One Of The Fast Growing And Most Lucrative Real Estate Investment Destination In Nigeria And Africa At Large. 🗺 Price: ₦30Million Per Acre. 🚩 A Property You Can Never Regret Investing In.   NOTE: An acre is 6 plots (100 by 50) of land, that’s 6 plots of land for the price of one. 🤔 Why Should You Invest in Landed Properties?

 1. Landed properties appreciate annually unlike stocks and shares

 2. Very low maintenance cost

 3. No fear of losses

4. Easier to sell off

 . 5. Durability,

 6. Reliability 7. Converts To Savings

 8. Provides security

 9. Portal For Business

 10 Good appreciation For more information please Call/WhatsApp this number +2348099994949

One of the unique privileges of the landed properties you can own in uyo, akwa ibom state is the grass-root development level of these territories. This territory is a virgin land awaiting government attention, official recognition and massive development which will translate to drastic value appreciation. Though government is attentive to this area because of its proximity with the state capital, its yet to be formally approved by the government making it easier for you with little take homes to acquire a choice piece of land.

Landed properties in uyo comes with a lot of benefits, there are a lot of amazing reasons why you should consider investing in landed properties.

Are you a Nigeria ready to invest in property purchase? Then Akwa Ibom state is an ideal location for you to buy landed properties from.

We believe that Uyo will be the next Ibadan for Real Estate Development in Nigeria because of the qualities that we have identified below.

Our land is located at Airport Road, idoro raod etc, and is only 3 minutes’ drive from the main express. Is dry land with land title. Investing in lands are the best way to use your money now, more reason is that you can resell and make a huge profit out of it as the area is developing rapidly. The LAND AREA IS 1000 SQM THERE IS HIGH DEMAND FOR LAND IN THIS LOCATION.

There are always many factors to consider before investing in real estate, but the foremost of these is investment trends.

What do all first-time home buyers have in common? They’re wondering why they should consider investing in a house instead of renting an apartment. As you begin to investigate your options and think about where you want to live, purchasing a home is always an option. So what are the pros and cons of renting versus buying?

This article is going to focus on why you should invest in landed properties in uyo  akwa ibom state?

Real estate is one sector of the economy that is recession resistant. Lands in Akwa Ibom are precious and a necessity, especially in Uyo , the capital. With Akwa Ibom State being the highest revenue generator of tax($6million daily) and(over $3million daily) it is only appropriate to take advantage of investment opportunities which will make you more money in decades to come. Investing in landed properties can be costly but this platform has made it affordable for everyone who wants to own a property in uyo as we offer our lands at giveaway prices. In this guide, you will see why you should invest in landed properties in uyo akwa ibom state, so let’s dive right in:

Yes you can still acquire landed properties at  ORANGE GARDEN CITY and enjoy capital appreciation in land, location accessibility, proximity to the city center, security of tenant’s fire insurance,  etc

Investing in landed properties brings with it immense benefit some of which are highlighted below: high and stable income: … value-added investment: … every investment is a risk: … avoid investing in property during economic peak periods: … be realistic about your own capabilities:

Investing in landed properties is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your future. For a number of reasons, it’s not just “safe” but can actually be more profitable, than other investments and forms of savings.

Landed properties are a precious commodity. In most cases, owning landed property is a dream come true for many and it means an investment that will greatly improve your financial status. Lands are limited and they never increase, they only became scarce as the population grows at a fast rate thereby increasing the demand drastically.

Reasons Why You Should Own A Landed Property Today.

 1. Investment: Land is the best investment tool for any smart investor. Its value increases over time. 2. Returns: Landed properties give its owners good return even when it is not being rented out.3. Security: Landed properties are a form of security to its owners as it can be used as collateral to procure loans e.t.c 4. Future Facilities: Lands close to urban areas may be converted into residential or commercial buildings 5. Inheritance: When land is properly nurtured, it can be passed on to generations after you and still bring returns

Why you should invest in landed properties in uyo akwa ibom state? Let’s look at some of the few reasons Uyo, Akwa Ibom state is a great place to invest in landed properties: •The State is without doubt one of the most educated states in Nigeria, given that it is home to 12 federal and 6 state owned universities. •The capital city,Uyo,is fast developing into the next big technological hub in Nigeria. •Godswill Akpabio International Stadium which can easily accommodate 30,000 capacity events is the 2nd largest outside Abuja and Lagos.

We give you the benefit of investing in uyo akwa ibom state because we are real estate professionals who know how to turn your dream apartment into a reality.

Uyo the capital of akwa ibom state is the most modern city in Nigeria with a promising future and beautiful environment especially for landed properties, if u are a lover of nice buildings, then uyo is the place to be, so look no further than uyo if you have dreams of having landed properties as investment or building your family house.

The best time to invest in landed properties is now.. The government has created a conducive atmosphere for business and investments. A state with a lot of economic activities, endless opportunities and investment opportunities. Abuja – Uyo Rail Track,  oil refinery construction, Construction of Ibom deep sea port, Construction of Ibom international airport 2nd terminal, Construction of Tertiary health institution by Rochas Okorocha,

 Revamping of Akwa ibom state University of  technology by the state government and its numerous other developmental projects are done using a Public private partnership model (PPP) This federal belt is an investment that you must not fail to invest in

Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state is one of Nigeria’s fastest developing urban centres. As an oil-rich, commercial and political hub, it offers a lot of exciting possibilities for investors in many sectors. Landed property investment is one sector with a bright future in the city and this is why you should invest in Uyo

If you are looking to invest your money, Uyo, the capital of Akwa Ibom state is the right place. With the cheapest cost of living, a comfortable climate and rapid increase in value of landed properties in Uyo, you can end up enjoying all your retirement years living or working in Uyo.

Why not buy your dream home in Uyo and stop paying rents? I know some of you may be asking, so why not invest outside Uyo, state capital. Well that’s what we are here for. With our first class service and professional advice, we can help you make the right decision even from afar, Tell , 08099994949.

Landed properties are very good investment. Investing in landed properties will save you from all the heartache of paying rent and also increase your asset value. Experience the luxury of having your own home from N3,350,000 ( Three Million, three hundred and fifty thousand naira only). After four years of successful delivery in Lagos and strategic partnerships with major developers in Akwa Ibom State, We are now open for sale of our beautiful estate in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state. The estate is: ✔️AN ESTATE ON THE EXPRESS WAY ✔️A GATED ESTATE WITH ELECTRIC FENCE (PERIMETER FENCING) ✔️RECREATIONAL FACILITIES AVAILABLE..

It has recently dawn on me that most people are not aware of the attractive prices at which landed properties can be acquired here in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State; and that’s why I decided to pen down this post.

Akwa ibom is the fastest growing city in Africa; this makes it one of the safest places to invest in property because such cities have a good return on investment+ massive appreciation over the years. River state is also a good choice but scarcity of land makes it harder for land grabbing/buying for development.

1. To have a landed property of your own before death,2. to be able to use the properties as collateral to secure loan either from bank, individual or MFB, 3. to avoid paying rent every year at this age and season of life that one is not sure of even tomorrow, 4. to live a happy and comfortable life when you retire from active service,5. to help the economy of akwa ibom state in particular and Nigeria in general by buying into landed properties owned by their own citizens rather than foreigners and thereby creating jobs for its citizen

The state capital Uyo (Ibom) has transformed tremendously in recent years and there is a huge and growing demand for landed properties in Uyo and its environs. Millions of naira are currently sunk into land speculation, many have lost their hard earned money to fraudsters, land grabbers and dubious property agents.

Land of Abundance, Uyo is the most thriving city in the South-South, Nigeria. It is one of the few cities in Nigeria that has maintained a high level of development pace from inception to date. Uyo being the capital of Akwa Ibom State was created in 1987 out of what was once known as the old Ikot Ekpene local government area. The city expanded rapidly in terms of social amenities, urbanization and population growth after it became the capital of the state on September 23rd 1987. Uyo is a city filled with so many activities such as politics, recreational places, artistic endeavors, business opportunities and so on.

Investing in landed properties provides a sustainable way to make money, become financially free and attain wealth.

Buying landed property can be a great investment, especially if you are engaged in real estate investment. If you are not into the business of buying and selling properties on a regular basis, you might think that buying landed property is out of your league. You may have heard so many stories about it and now you are only left with one question. Why should I invest in landed property? To help you determine what are the good  reasons to buy landed property, here are some of the key points that you should know about it.

Landed properties are the best way to secure your future.

The Intelligent Investor

Uyo, abbreviated from ibibio “U-yoh” meaning “the land with abundant resources”, is the capital of Akwa Ibom State. It has a municipal population of over 500 000.


 1.Land is a scarce and exhaustible resource – therefore it increases in value as demand grows and supply reduces. 2.Real estate is a non-depreciating asset – it always appreciates, barring unforeseen circumstances and economic crash. 3.It’s a hedge against inflation 4.It’s the safest investment class 5.Turnover rate is very low 6.You can leverage on others to pay for your property 7.Cannot be stolen 8.There are many ways of making money from owning property 9.You get to meet new and interesting people 10.It gives you an opportunity to do what you love and enjoy your work

Ukpo Uyo is a prestigious neighbourhood located in the affluent Ikot Ekpene road, in the booming city of Uyo. It is an exclusive housing estate of 57 serviced plots provided with all modern infrastructures; tarred roads, gated and perimeter fencing, solar powered street lights

Investing in real estate can be a smart choice right now because the customer’s demand for property is growing day by day.

A good land can never depreciate in value, rather it appreciate each passing year. In a society today where buildings are being erected daily and land is becoming a scarce commodity, who want to continue renting when you can still be your own landlord? If you’re looking for an investment that will give you more income with little maintenance, real estate is one of the best options for this.

Writing by# Robert Lawrence…

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