If you’re looking to buy a residential or commercial property, Epe LAND is the best place to purchase landed properties.

If you’re looking to buy a residential or commercial property, Epe LAND is the best place to purchase landed properties.

 Here are some reasons why you should buy landed property in Lagos. ✔️Best location for business ✔️Affordable home ✔️Cost effective ✔️Excellent long-term investment ✔️One of the fastest growing cities in Africa ✔️Best location for tourism etc… There are many more reasons why by land in epe is the best place to invest and live your life, buy by land now

The best place to purchase land in Lagos is Epe.

From a business perspective, Epe is the best place to purchase landed property. As the region has been highly developed by the government, leading to improved infrastructure and an increase in road networks.

Have you been eying a parcel of land in Lagos but don’t know where to look or the prices to go for? Search no more and get set to buy land in Lagos with ease. We offer landed properties in Epe, a haven of peace, tranquility, and beautiful breath-taking sceneries.

when it comes to buying a land, Epe is the best place to put your money. Many people are making their investment there and today we are here to discuss exactly why you should do so as well. Epe is located in the eastern part of Lagos state and has always been a good place you can choose to live but has only just become an investment haven. The reason is that they have set up systems to make it easier for people who want to buy lands. Say bye home renting and start investing in property like a pro

Epe land is a beautiful, scenic, and serene place to purchase land. Our lands are free from all government acquisition and have flexible prices and payment plans

‘Buy land, they’re not making it anymore’ Mark Twain. Epe is a quiet, serene and peaceful environment, making it the perfect location for those looking to invest in real estate. Buying property in a serene and peaceful environment would prove to be profitable in the long run as you can potentially sell them off in the future when prices have skyrocketed.

Offers a more faster and affordable way to buy a land in Lagos.

With the present state of Nigeria’s economy, it is advised that some of your money be put into landed property.

Lagos is currently the most developed state in Nigeria, though there are plans in progress to develop some other states. Lagos has a high rate of value appreciation and it’s also the commercial hub of Nigeria.

Epe land is the best place to purchase landed property at the cheapest price. It is endowed with beautiful beaches and beautiful location; it is near a bushy environment near Lagos and Ibadan expressway.

Epe land in Lagos is a place that offers the best of both worlds.

Epe land in Lagos mainland is the most hustling and bustling urban community. It’s an area considered one of the more developed areas in the local government and the second largest city in the entire Lagos state, with a large pool of business activities. epe land in Lagos island is one of the richest lands and possesses most of the earth’s resources.

Epe Land is located in the South Western part of Lagos State. Epe focuses on the development of a riverine area. It is one of the favorite tourist centers that has a lot of water frontages, a good road network and also has smooth access to Ikorodu and Lagos. Epe has six Local Government Areas and eight Local Council Development Areas. Majority of its land is owned by individuals, families and communities which makes it quite suitable for investment since there are no hindrances from any authorities.

When we talk about lands in Lagos state, especially the axis in Epe L.G.A and its environs, there are opportunities for everyone: from estates to outright cash owner enjoying a price appreciation of over 300% in less than 3 years

Write an article to convince anybody looking for a land in Lagos abut Epe why you think like that. Do your research and get to know all you can about the locality

EPE LAND available plots of land with genuine documents and good location are now available for sale at affordable prices.

Epeland is in the rapidly developing area of Lagos, so you are bound to get value for your money in no time.

Epe is a coastal city located in Lagos. It is an important fishing port. Epe is approximately 90 Kilometers from mainland Lagos and it borders the neighboring country of Benin. The city has an area of 558 km2 (215 sqm) and a population of about 173,842 at the 2006 census.

The area has a rich cultural background with an impressive history that dates back to several centuries. Epe today is a likely destination for tourists and sight seers from within and beyond the state.

1. The land is dry, therefore construction is made easy for property owners

2. Construction materials are in abundance

Are you in search of properties in Epe or any part of Lagos? You are just one step away from getting your choice property. It is very important to get a trusted company/agent when deciding on where to purchase landed property in Epe, Lagos or anywhere for that matter.

Epe land is one of the best places to buy land in Lagos. It offers a lot of opportunities to new and existing property owners. Epe Land is under 2 hours away from Lagos, an oasis of tranquility where you can live a life unaffected by the hustle and bustle. You can equally own a piece of paradise on earth with very affordable prices.

Epe, Lagos is one of the key areas in mainland Lagos with abundance of natural resources and beautiful landscapes. This has attracted people’s interest to owning landed property in Epe and it has been popular on the radar of investors that want high returns on investment.

The current increases in population results to high demand for both food and shelter. To meet the increasing population, there is need to expand the existing cities and make new ones. With the ongoing agricultural revolution, Epe land provides a place that will assure you of real estate value appreciation. The expansion of Lagos has made Lagos Epe expressway to be converted into four-lane motoroable, highways and rail tracks are undergoing construction.


Epe is a coastal town in Lagos State, located to the east of the major urban area of Lagos City. Epe has over 150,000 residents and is known for its rivers and beaches. It has seen significant development since it was called home by former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu, who built his official residence there. Since then, Epe land has become more attractive to developers due to its attractive cost structure.

Epe is fast becoming Africa’s best place to invest. The world’s best and no1 real estate investors  gives reasons why it is the best investment locations in Nigeria. Why it is better than ibeju lekki, abuja ,oxford garden ikoyi and vgc

Lagos is a great city, beautiful and strategically located in Nigeria. With over 20 million inhabitants, it is the most populated city in West Africa. One of its economic strength is the famous Eko Atlantic project. Housing about 20,000 people and employing about 300,000 people.

A piece of land and building on it is known as a property, also known as real estate, land or realty. Property is legally considered immovable property. Some properties are easy to identify, but the term real estate doesn’t just cover bricks and mortar. A real estate investment is defined as buying and selling of lands or buildings for profit purposes. While not many Nigerians know about real estate investing and its power for creating wealth

A location that is close to a nice estate is very important in the value that it can add to your landed property. A good, spacious and well-planned housing estate enhances the value of your home. Always understand that you are buying land with the intent to build on it, meaning you will eventually sell your building when you want to move onto another property. Also, have it in mind that if you decide not to sell the house immediately after completion and leave it for a few years before selling (you never can tell what may happen), your property will still fetch higher values because you located close to a good estate.

I am offering 5 plots of land at a very moderate price.

This Article is about why it’s a good idea to purchase landed property in Epe area of Lagos State.

Epe Land in Lagos is a perfect place to build your dream home, it’s best to buy land in Epe because we have no issues with Omo Onile wahala.

In this article, we’ll touch on some of the benefits of buying a land in Epe Lagos.

Epe is a town and Local Government Area in Lagos State, Nigeria. It has an area of 554 km² and a population of 150,733 at the 2006 census, making it the largest local government area in Lagos by area. Landed properties are properties located on large plots of land, and can be residential, commercial or industrial.

Are you considering buying land in Epe, Lagos ? Epe has several real estate developments but at Lagos is the choice.

Epe land is a strategic location  because of the development going on i e – Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refinery ,New Eko Atlantic City, The International Deep Sea Port , Fourth-Mainland Bridge and Several other massive developments by the Lagos State Government, which will make Epe the Centre for tourism and business activity in Lagos when completed.

One of the major problems confronting the real estate sector in the country is the issue of insecurity, especially land insecurity. a major problem facing current or intending property owners is insecurity. When you buy a piece of land in epe, you are sure you are buying secured property. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, there is no problem with land ownership in epe and people generally respect the law. land can be acquired by paying for it, or through inheritance so you do not need to worry about any complications involved in acquiring the property. there are also no issues related to omoniles here.

Buying Landed Property in Lagos can cost a Fortune and it is well known that the more that you pay for your property, the better off you’re going to be when you sell it. So when it comes down to buying Landed Property, there are two things that you should focus on: location, and price.

Rapidly appreciating land in Lagos. The fastest growing city in Africa, a city of culture, opportunities and industry, it’s like the new silicon valley but 100 times better

Are you considering purchasing a landed property?

We are committed to providing you with the best of services, putting you first as our customers and giving you nothing but the best, giving you exactly what you want and providing solutions to your needs.

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10 reasons why Epe land in Lagos is the best place to purchase landed property

Why is Epe land a best place to purchase landed property? The future of Lagos is in Epe. The population of Lagos is projected to be 10 times the current 21 million in the next 20 years and this would be fueled by the fact that Lagos will be the fourth largest city in the world and it would demand more resources including housing, schools, hospitals etc. With that being said where do you think would be a possible place within close proximity?

Lagos is one of the largest cities in Africa. It has the second-highest population of any city on the African continent behind Cairo, Egypt. Lagos is a city that never sleeps. You can take a stroll in Lagos at any time of the day and you will see people doing their own businesses or enjoying nightlife in some restaurants. The growing city is known for its high property prices, with some residential neighborhoods not affordable to middle-class earners or low income earners who strive to make ends meet with menial jobs. In recent years, the average price per square metre for Lagos properties has doubled, rising from $1,100 USD to $2,200 USD in 2016. To get a better picture on Nigeria’s highest prized real estate investment in Lagos; let’s dive into why Epe land is the best place to secure your property

Epe land currently selling at cheap price. we have epe land for sale at affordable prices. We have available epe land in lagos for sale.

Epe land for sale is only for those who really want to invest in real estate because the value has overtaken all the prices around Lagos and would continue to grow. In Epe, every house is a bungalow and every building is a mansion

If you would like to invest in a prime property space, epe land is the place for you.

1. Epe land is already a built up community unlike other far flung towns like iskandriya, Ajah, Alimosho etc the developmental stages of which are yet to be initiated by the government.

Epe is an unspoiled city with a unique, fast-changing and exciting way of life. Clean and serene city at the coast of lagos state, a place where you can enjoy the pursuit of happiness without the hustle & bustle of a metropolis. Epe has retained its inherent traditional charm.

Epe is a short distance from Lekki, Ikoyi and Victoria Island

Epe land is a peace area, which is close to the beach and you can go there early in the morning and enjoy fishing.

It is prudent to know that there are many benefits of investing in real estate, especially if you do so early in life.

Writing by Robert Lawrence..

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