The benefits of buying land and luxury properties in Africa are numerous. If you are considering investing in real estate,

The benefits of buying land and luxury properties in Africa are numerous. If you are considering investing in real estate,

 Particularly property in these cities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would love to assist you with any questions you may have about real estate investment opportunities in these countries and any other inquiries you may have.

The best time to buy land and luxury properties in Africa are now! The reason is that the African real estate market continues its upward trend with rentals and sales picking up. There is a growing demand for residential property in Africa.

The benefits of buying land and properties in Africa is the huge returns it yields to investors.

Why you should buy your land and properties in Africa, It’s a good investment?

Africa is great for buying land and properties. After some of the recent natural disasters in the US and Asia, you have to ask yourself if it’s safe to own a property there. There are many places where you would be concerned with owning one of millions of identical high-rise buildings with no commodities or things to do nearby.

Today is a better time to buy land in Nigeria and Africa; many would agree that Africa provides huge investment opportunities. There are many huge advantages to invest in land in Nigeria as described below:

Purchasing a property in Africa is one of the best investments for now and the future. We are able to enjoy high capital growth (long term) and high yields (short term), as well as experiencing new cultures and getting to know wonderful people.

When you buy land in Africa, you’re contributing to Africa’s growth.

The 20-year forecast for the African economy is positive and analysts predict that by 2034, Africa will have more than twice as many middle class households and will be a trillion dollar economy. These facts coupled with the fact that Africa has 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land and 40% of its mineral reserves, but attracts only 5% of global foreign direct investment, give us confidence in investing in Africa.

As your real estate consultants, we are available to assist you in identifying and selecting the right location for your home, office or any other property investment. If a home doesn’t exist that suits your specific needs we will build one for you at competitive prices.

It is generally believed that Africa is landlocked, but the ancient continent of Africa has a total land area of 30,244,050km². In absolute terms, it occupies 20% of the world’s total land area. Africa has 54 sovereign countries. Lack of good infrastructure such as well-maintained roads makes it difficult to travel around within these countries.

As a real estate development firm in Africa and Nigeria, we have been involved in the creation of properties for over five decades. We handle sites that range from small brownfield developments to large-scale Greenfield projects. We go beyond property development and diversify activities into asset management and facility management so that we are able to offer a comprehensive long term solution for real estate. Thus, the benefits of buying land and luxury properties from us is that you will be relieved of the hassle of managing your property while renting same out or disposal depending on your plan.

There are many benefits of buying land and luxury properties in Africa, Ghana and Nigeria, these benefits includes:

There are three major advantages of buying properties in Nigeria and Africa.

The major benefit of buying land and properties in Africa, especially in Nigeria is that these items appreciate over time. Properties in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Rivers State are a great investment that builds capital and can be used as collateral to get a loan. Another benefits is the ability to build equity because the value of properties tend to rise over time. Also if you buy a property today in any of the major cities, there is no doubt that you would recoup your initial investment in less than 5 years if not less. The final benefit of buying land or property is that they cannot be easily stolen away like cars or other items.

Buying land or property in Africa or Nigeria, is a wise investment choice, it gives you the priceless opportunity of not just making gains from your investment, but to also enjoy the serene nature of your environment.

Nigerian land is one of the most valuable assets that anyone can own in the country. The real estate sector has been rated as one of the best performing in Nigeria and Africa at large. This means buying property in Nigeria can ensure a good investment is made.

You can really achieve far more when you buy in Africa, especially Nigeria where there are more investments opportunities and more business ideas yet to be actualized.

The benefits of buying land in Africa include the ability to obtain a good return on investment, the potential for huge capital appreciation, and things like infrastructure development, technology and skills transfer.

Africa, A continent with the largest land space in the world. A home to over a billion people and each of these countries are blessed with natural resources that are yet to be discovered. Africa is where we find the black culture which got carried to other parts of the world when the slaves were taken to America and other places.

The price of these properties is very reasonable

1. It is the Location, Location.

 2. Appreciating value

3. Resale

 4. Security

 5. Privacy

 6. Posterity

The benefits of buying land and luxury properties in Nigeria, and Africa ranges from commercial returns on investment, to relocation purposes for ex-pats. Real estate is one of the safest investment instruments in the world, with purchase, sales and rent agreements upheld by law. We make it easy for you to find, research, invest and enjoy your home in this beautiful country

The benefits of buying land and luxury properties in Africa. See more at www.99propertiesafrica.com

We have gathered some amazing benefits of buying land and properties in Nigeria and Africa. Here are some of the long term benefits of owning real estate:

What are some good reasons to buy land and property in Africa? Below we list a few of the key benefits:

Are you looking to invest in a luxury property in Africa? Do you even know the benefits of owning your own property, especially a house and lot in a prime location like Africa?

One of the many benefits of making investments in lands and properties, especially in countries with rapid economic growth as Nigeria is that you can make very good ROIs, because real estate profits are directly linked to the economic development.

The main appeal of buying property in Africa is the price, compared to other areas of the world. Where else can you get land by the lakeside or beach-side with a view for less than $10,000?

good and fast growing economy in Africa, cheap labor, the Abundance of Natural Resources, The low cost of land ownership, The possibility of being a landlord, The diversity of investment opportunities

Why invest in Nigeria? Nigeria real estate overview. Investing in Real Estate can be an excellent way to enhance and diversify your portfolio. African towns are saturated with foreigners and expats because of the ease of integration with the locals, cheap and safe life, availability of household amenities and recreational facilities.

How to handle disputes, how to ensure you do not pay taxes on revenues got from your properties in Africa.

Nigeria is a land blessed with hardworking people. It is a home to 210 million people and rapidly growing with its citizens spread globally, there are opportunities for investing in the property market. The country’s economy is growing both in terms of individuals and companies. In a bid to lure foreign investors, the Nigerian government has been signing treaties with other countries, which allow their children to study in Nigeria and permit their citizens visa free residency status. There is constant growth at all level; thus, there is always a strong demand for properties

Africa is currently the new land of opportunities for investors and can be a very rewarding destination for investment. Africa offers great return on investment.

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