Where is the best place to buy landed property in Nigeria?

Where is the best place to buy landed property in Nigeria?

 Why you will regret for not buying landed property in Nigeria? As a real estate professional, the questions above are what I hear on daily basis from my clients and others just curious about it.

Selling landed property in Nigeria because of the present economic situation, should not make you regret your decision.

Well, people are saying a lot about the current state of Nigeria. Some will say the country is in economic recession amidst corruption, and terrorism. But that’s not true. The Nigeria’s economy is going strong because lots of people are doing business and making money. The few negative ones are making noise and ruining the good image of our great nation. We will like to provide you with good news today – why you should buy landed property in any place in Nigeria right now.

Today, buying landed property in Nigeria worth more than gold. This is true simply because if you have a nice property for sale right now.

Right now there is still a chance you can buy landed properties in Nigeria without paying lot of money. Call me I would help you out 08099994949.

If you are looking for a place to build your own house, buy landed property in Nigeria now. Buy land in lagos area at very affordable prices. Do not wait till the prices skyrocket!

The great investment of the century is yet within our reach. Our experience with landed property   investors in & around Lagos, Nigeria have proven rewarding & sustainable in the long run. With minimal capital & leverage, it is possible to own a landed property in prime location for residential or commercial purposes. With a minimum of N1million, you are guaranteed a piece of land in the next 10 years and guess what you will be able to yield from such bargain.

The price of landed properties in Nigeria  have skyrocketed over the past few years and they are still rising. The almost unbelievable but true incident of Lagos island 2 bedroom apartment that cost 300,000 in year 2000 now cost between 15 and 20 million naira. A land that worth 5 million naira about 8-10 years ago now worth 30 million! Since there is uncertainty in every legitimate investment worldwide, you owe it as a duty to yourself to invest in real estate business.

With the current economic recession going on no…You can start planting your own vegetables and fruits inside of it.

Why you regret for not buying landed property in Nigeria??? Understand why buying landed property is the best investment decision you will ever make

The federal government and state government for the promotion of landed properties have been making several promises. These promises have been able to convince people to buy landed property in Nigeria. However, these promises are not in-depth enough for people to analyze the benefits. Therefore, we believe that it is important to highlight our major benefit and ensure that you understand that buying a landed property in Nigeria is the best investment you can ever make. There are many legitimate reasons why you should invest in landed property if you plan to retire in Nigeria.

Buying land is something that a few people have the advantage of taking care of business with, however purchasing numerous plots can be an especially brilliant thought. Not exclusively would you be able to build up your own fantasy home on the estate, yet you can likewise offer different parts of the property to additionally monetize your venture.

This is a very serious gain interest rate of 20% in 6 months on your investment. Our projects are worth more than the investment value you pay into

I am passionate about Property Investment and I would love to share with you my insider secrets on how not just to survive, but thrive during these tough economic times by growing your wealth through property investment.

Happenings in the world today is alarming, do you know that you can also be one of those having fun out there? Have you ever consider buying a landed property in Nigeria? Landed property doesn’t depreciate unlike other business ventures. The right time to own your dream home or buy real estate property is now! It’s time to start living that dream lifestyle while growing your personal cash flow! Why not make your money work for you? Stand out from the crowd, I promise to give you a 5-star service!

Property ownership is one of the most prestigious way towards investment, no matter what you may think, landed property always appreciates over time and for real meaning of investment, it’s better to have some landed properties in your portfolio. Why not Nigeria?

Our step by step guide to investing in landed property in Nigeria will help you get started towards a smart investing decision.

It may interest you to know that the value of landed property in Nigeria is really on the rise and if you’re wise, you will BE IN THE KNOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SITUATION.

Do you want to buy a landed property but you don’t have money? Do you want to build your house but don’t have land yet? Don’t worry. Here how we can help you

Buying a property in Nigeria is a better option than renting. How? You ask.

You don’t have to wait until you retire before buying landed property.

Real Estate is a profitable market and a good people’s investment in Nigeria. The sector has an important role to play in the country’s economic livelihood

 Reasons Why You’ll Be Happy You Own A House

Many Properties like the one you are viewing free now are going off in not up to 6months. It’s currently available for at a Payable amount of 20%. It’s located in a developed and fast developing environment & at a strategic location. This is absolutely an amazing investment as the 50% increase in value is almost certain.

This is an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

5 quick benefits of buying a landed property in Nigeria

In this book, you will learn about the benefits of buying landed property in Nigeria, currently there is a high demand for landed property in Nigeria, it is a very good investment and how you can make money with your property.

We will be discussing all the major reason why you should invest on landed property in Nigeria especially Lagos State.

Now is the time to buy landed property in Nigeria. Property prices have become affordable. With the improved security in many parts of the country, you can be rest assured that all your investments are real and tangible. You will also be given a land title document after full payment of your property. In addition, on completion of your House, you will receive a certificate of occupancy because it has met all building standards and regulations. This is another great boost to your security.

The real estate business is one of the top-earning sectors in Nigeria. It remains a constant source of investment opportunities that have proven profitable across decades. Landed property is one of the most lucrative investment options available in Nigeria. And this is because of the growing population of people who are in need of shelter, and the demand for landed properties in the market. Real estate has been able to outlive every other investment for decades.

Lagos is the economic and most expensive city in Nigeria. Buy a landed property in Lagos that can fetch you interests from rent and appreciating value will be a good investment. A landed property is an asset. Why? An asset is something that earns you money. The monetary value of a landed property not only appreciates but also makes sense as you are able to earn an income from renting it out or selling it for profit in the future. It’s an investment for both now and the future. Owning your own home is a stability and freedom that everyone should strive for, so why not start now?

Now is the best time to invest in real estate in Nigeria

An apartment is not a landed property, if all you have is money; why not secure it in an investment that will appreciate over time. Do you know that if you invest 1M in naira into a property at Ajah within 3yrs your capital will have doubled, but if you have one million naira and keep it in your bank account for the same period, it will definitely loose its value.

As a customer-oriented company, our interest is to make sure you don’t encounter any unnecessary delay in your property purchase.

Real Estate is the second largest employer of labor after agriculture Real estate is used for business purposes with a view to generating rental income, capital appreciation and / or investment returns.

I will teach you why you will regret for not buying landed property in Nigeria and what the basic necessity of life is.

Are you in need of an urgent land for residential or commercial purpose? Are you looking for where to buy affordable and cheap lands in Lagos state? Do you want to purchase landed property within any part of Nigeria at a very cheap price with 100% genuineness and without any form of encumbrances? If yes, then 99 properties Africa is here to assist you.

Do you want to own a Landed property in Nigeria?

Due to the economic hardship in Nigeria, foreign investors are pulling out from doing business in Nigeria and that reduced the total volume of investments in the nation. The CBN governor said “the currency restrictions were intended to help preserve scarce foreign exchange reserves and reduce shortages. Hassle of owning landed property in Nigeria.

In view of the high cost of building materials, scarcity of genuine land in major cities and the endless increase in rent, buying a landed property is still the best investment for everyone who wish to build his/her own house.

Developer is selling massive plot of land at Epe, Lekki Expressway Lagos.

I will address the current challenges faced by Nigerians in matters concerning real estate investment; I will also give suggestions on what to do in order to improve the real estate investment scene in Nigeria

The most important investment one can make is in property, but please notes that it is a long term investment. Statistics has shown that investing in property is less risky than other means of investment.

Real estate is a step-by-step process that requires some specific knowledge. This can be difficult to learn on your own, especially if you don’t live in the area where you will be investing. Before you purchase a piece of property

Buy land, they aren’t making it anymore

Mr. President, it is one thing to be disabled but there are many ways to help you. The worst thing that will happen to a man is when he becomes a burden on his family and those around him.

6 reasons why you will regret for not buying landed property in Nigeria?

It is no more news that things are getting tough every day. During recession, the only thing that remained constant was land. I bet you a thousand times that in the next 5-10years you will regret for not buying landed property in Nigeria now.

Buying landed property or real estate in Nigeria is a safe and smart investment that you should never regret. Landed property has been the safest form of investment for centuries and it remains so today.

Buying a landed property in Nigeria has been made easier now. You can buy landed property with the sum of N800,000 only. The payment is spread within 3months and you will be handed over your documents immediately… When you say yes, you don’t need to look back

Are you thinking of buying landed property in Nigeria or have you bought your property and do not know what to do with it, or have you bought a property but you are thinking of selling, then read this article;

We own over 200 land space that are unique, strategic, and well located at different location in Nigeria, These property are available for sale now.


Welcome to the new estate with physical infrastructure such as electricity, good road network (tarred road), drainage system, recreational park, water supply, etc. other benefits include; – good return on investment – less building cost – good for children to play about – good for business venture

Home is the beginning of everything. A warm home is a beautiful place, where you can relax and rest after a hard day. A nice house means a friendlier place to live in and it serves as an extra motivation for us to bring incredible design solutions to every room inside our property. This way, by creating small pieces of art we create harmony, happiness and warmth in our homes. However, many people still see home as a four walls building with not much potential for what it can really be. These people are used to living in cramped spaces that lack individuality or interest.

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